Chloe Lansdale ’06

Chloe Lansdale ’06


Schools Since WES

Sidwell Friends, Northwestern University, and Wharton Business School

Current Occupation

I work in investment banking at Goldman Sachs covering the consumer and retail sectors.

Future Career Goals

I hope to run a strategic finance/corporate development team at a sustainable food company.

Favorite WES Activity

I loved playing on the soccer and lacrosse teams. I have the best memories from the Italy and France trips in middle school that inspired my love of international travel.

Favorite WES Memory

Class trip to Utah in the 6th grade with my favorite teacher, Mehdi Elkassem. I loved the class bonding, visiting Bryce Canyon and other beautiful national parks, and being able to experience our geology unit from science class in real life.

How did WES prepare you for your future?

I had the best teachers during my time at WES. They struck the perfect balance of challenging me and supporting me, which set me up for success in high school, college, and the professional world. WES teachers taught me what a trusted mentor looks like, and that has been immeasurably helpful in my life.