Our Plans for the Fall: An Update From the Head of School

Like many times since the rise of the global pandemic, this week has been rather unpredictable. Our initial plan was to host community forums where we would present the culmination of months of work, of policies and protocols and schedules that would enable us to resume on-site learning in some capacity this September. On Wednesday, […]

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Continuing to Work Toward a More Equitable Society

Roughly 250 members of our community joined us on the WES soccer field last Saturday, to march for racial justice and show support for Black lives. The demonstration was organized by local high school students, many of whom are WES alumni. The rally’s speakers reflected on being Black in America, as well as their experiences […]

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Summer Plans and Getting Ready for the Fall

Summer is often a little quiet, but this year we are busier than ever, as faculty, staff, and the administrative team undergo professional development and make preparations for the return to school. While the trajectory of the virus is unknown, we are optimistic that on-site learning will resume in some capacity in September. Our Reopening […]

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A Joyful Learning Environment

When I applied to be WES’s head of school I did a fair amount of research including reading articles about WES, looking at the school’s website, and talking with several current and alumni families. Of all the information I gathered, I remember being struck by a line in the school’s mission statement, “We believe that […]

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How may I help?

“How can I help?” is not a question I often ask. When I’m attempting to assist someone, I am more likely to dive into the problem and offer a solution or a way to solve it—”Have you thought of x?” or “Have you tried y?” In our roles as colleagues, spouses, parents, and teachers we […]

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So Many Options Yet I Don’t Know What to Do

Parenting is hard. So when we try something that works, we should share. This week I thought I would share a successful parenting experience that occurred in my family this weekend in this spirit of sharing and giving parents another tool in the “parenting toolbox.” I brought my seven-year-old twins to WES with me on […]

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