The Importance of Social Emotional Learning During a Pandemic

As we enter into the third school year that has been impacted by the pandemic, the mental wellbeing of our Dragons continues to be of the highest importance to us. Social-emotional learning (SEL) has always been a critical part of the WES curriculum, as it provides the foundation for helping our students become kind, confident, […]

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Growing Together

Redwoods are fascinating trees especially in regard to how they support their enormous size. One would think that trees that grow up to 380 feet would need deep root systems to stabilize themselves and help them weather strong winds and fierce storms. On the contrary, redwoods have very shallow root systems and instead of those […]

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We Did It!

As the year draws to a close, there is one thought that keeps running through my head – we did it!  Last summer was a whirlwind. Our COVID-19 Task Force committees worked tirelessly to create an entirely new way of doing school – one that could transition between on-campus and at-home learning as seamlessly as […]

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Technology Transforms a Beloved Tradition

Today I learned about some very special people in the lives of our Grade 4 students. I learned about parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, a police officer in the K9 division, a reporter, a musician, a mentalist, entrepreneurs, and many other interesting friends. For years, the Biography Tea has been one of the highlights of our […]

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Making Time for Fun

As we draw to a close of one of the most unusual years in WES’s history, our faculty have been making sure our Dragons have time for a little good old-fashioned fun. After a year of quarantines and physical distancing, we all truly need it.  Our Middle School faculty transported Grade 7 to Europe right […]

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Meaningful Experiential Study Trips

Experiential study trips have long been a core part of our curriculum because they increase student interest, knowledge, and motivation. Although all study trips were paused due to the pandemic, I am delighted to share that we are slowly venturing off campus so our Dragons can enjoy safe, outdoor learning experiences once again.  Our youngest […]

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