Our Faculty

Ms. Katherine Owens

STEM and Innovation Teacher

At WES since 2012

Why do you teach the STEM: Applied Concepts, Innovation & Entrepreneurship course?
I teach this course because I dreamed of creating a curriculum that would demonstrate the connectivity and application of knowledge to the world; foster passion for learning; ignite innovative thinking; and empower children to implement ideas.

What motivated you to become a teacher?
I have always been fascinated by science, filled with ideas and passion to create useful things. I studied art and business for a career in product and package design in the consumer products industry. I worked for Pillsbury, a marketing firm specializing in startup companies and then a candy as the VP of business development. At the candy company, I exercised my innovative thinking to help create new products, packages and sales avenues, as I worked globally with inventors, suppliers and corporate. As an adult, I was struck by the disconnection between the information I learned in school and its application in the world. I found many adults lacked a genuine sense of curiosity and innovative thinking. When I become a mother I felt a higher calling to give back, changed careers and went into education to fill these gaps.