Grateful for the WES Community

This Thanksgiving will certainly be different than previous years. This will be the first that Sandy, the boys, and I will be by ourselves. Another difference is that we will not be eating turkey. We took an idea from Early Childhood Counselor Debbie Weinberger and decided to give everyone in the family a choice of what they would like to eat on Thanksgiving. (As the chef, I probably should have thought this one out more.) But the most significant difference this year is that we will be missing some beloved faces from around our table. So yes, this holiday will certainly be different for many of us, but that does not take away from all that we should be thankful for.

Personally, I am thankful for the WES community – my colleagues, our students, and our families. 

Thank you to our teachers for learning new apps and figuring out how to position your computer just right so our at-home learners can see everyone. You bravely enter the unknown week after week, always finding ways to overcome the many obstacles this year has thrown at us. 

Thank you to our facilities team, who move tables and chairs every day so our students can eat lunch outside. You also spend countless hours sanitizing surfaces so our Dragons can move safely through our few remaining shared spaces. 

Thank you to the rest of our staff for perfecting the art of Zoom socials and parent workshops, and finding new ways to ensure we stay connected as a community. 

Thank you to our students for filling our classrooms and computer screens every day with your joy and enthusiasm. You give us the strength to do our work.

Thank you to our parents for assisting with Zoom log-ins, locating supplies, and modeling the resilience, grace, and courage it takes to endure the constantly changing school year. 

Thank you to all of our community for coming together to help those who are vulnerable right now through our Warmth and Canned Food Drives. 

Not everyone gets to show up to their job everyday with excitement and a smile – I am fortunate to be in that position. And that is thanks to all of you. 

Danny Vogelman

Head of School