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The Virtue of the Month is Peacefulness
Posted 05/10/2018 01:18PM

This month's school-wide virtue is peacefulness, being calm and quiet from the inside out. The root of the Hebrew word for peace, "shalom," means "whole" and points to this twofold meaning—peace within oneself and peace between people. People who promote peace show gratitude, self-reflect, act non-violently, and practice conflict resolution. Students will explore ways to face day-to-day challenges, stay grounded and calm under pressure, and forgive generously.

Here are ways to keep the conversation going at home or in the car:

·         Discuss a time that you were able to demonstrate calm and instill
           peace in others.

·         Share a memory of a time when someone in your life did not stay
          level-headed under pressure.

·         Talk about a time when you thought you would not be able to forgive
          someone, how it felt when you did, and what you learned from the experience.

·         Talk about how prayer, exercise, meditation, or another practice has helped
          you find peace.

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