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WES Launches its 2018-2023 Strategic Plan
Posted 11/02/2018 08:19AM

Earlier this month WES formally launched our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan at a Community Forum. Our approach was to build upon the areas in which we do well, close any gaps, and prepare for a variety of challenges and opportunities that may come our way. WES conducted research and collected input from a variety of sources to develop a comprehensive understanding of where we are now and where we need to go. Once that information was cataloged and prioritized, we organized those findings into three themes: Empower, Elevate, and Enrich. Click on the links below to view the specific strategies for each goal on our website.

WES is committed to Empower students with the knowledge and skills to be successful. We provide a dynamic learning environment, grounded in current research and best practices, that balances tradition and innovation.

WES is committed to Elevate each student's potential by providing opportunities to develop character and global mindedness so that students are aware of, connected to, and respectful of the diversity of local and global communities. We expose students to a variety of ideas and perspectives fostering the individual growth of each student and celebrating the diversity of our community.

WES is committed to Enrich the learning environment to ensure that the school's facilities, infrastructure, and fiscal foundation sustain our current programs and support our strategic initiatives. We provide students with diverse educational settings, opportunities, and tools to engage in a rapidly changing world.

During this process, we also took the opportunity to revise our mission statement and create a vision statement to more clearly articulate who we are and what we do as a school. These two central statements are now:

Mission Statement
Washington Episcopal School inspires academic and personal excellence within a joyful learning environment to develop students who are kind, confident, and prepared.

Vision Statement
Washington Episcopal School students stride confidently into the world, delight in it, and contribute to it.

The words used in both of these statements should sound familiar to current and past WES families as these words have been invoked throughout the years to describe WES and our students. Both statements will be used to guide our decision-making and establish the standards for which our actions can be assessed. Faculty will discuss these with students in morning meetings, advisory, and Chapel so that the students may thoughtfully reflect on these statements in the coming weeks too.

There is much more to share with you about our Strategic Plan, please visit the WES Strategic Plan microsite.

WES will post quarterly updates about the progress of the plan's major goals and strategies on the "Progress" page of this microsite. The podcasts will be about five minutes long and will provide overviews of a particular aspect of the plan. WES will develop and post these podcasts periodically over the next several months.

WES received a great deal of valuable input in developing and articulating this plan. Even though we are proud of the finished product, we are equally proud of the process that we went through to produce it. It was both enlightening and confirming, and we are thrilled to have the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan to guide our next five years of work and growth

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