2021 STEM Challenge for Middle School Girls

All girls in Grades 6, 7, and 8 are encouraged to participate in an exciting STEM event hosted by Foxcroft, a school for girls in Middleburg, Virginia.

This year’s virtual event features two ways for individual girls to participate! Compete for prizes and learn about coding and cybersecurity through their custom trivia game, which opens on Monday, February 15, and closes on Friday, February 19. Then join them on Saturday, February 20, for an interactive virtual session hosted by Foxcroft students and engineers from sponsoring firm Stryker, featuring games, challenges, and prizes.

Ms. Earle highly recommends what promises to be a fun and rewarding – and challenging! – competition. She has been taking teams of Grade 8 girls to the in-person events for several years, and the experience has been consistently excellent: interesting and thought-provoking, scientifically and mathematically rigorous, and highly relatable to current issues. Plus, they give out great prizes!

Let Ms. Earle, cearle@w-e-s.org, know if you intend to participate and/or if you have questions.