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Grade 8 Students Find New Communities for Next Year

One of the joys of my job is watching our students grow up, from the time they are an Early Childhood Dragon to their day of graduation. They change so much during these formative years and really begin to develop a strong sense of identity. Part of this process is helping them arrive at the […]

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Learning About Teamwork, Perseverance, and Confidence through the Grade 6 Musical

We recently held a student panel for our newly admitted families. When one prospective parent asked our students about their most memorable WES experience, the response was enthusiastic: the Grade 6 musical. Every year, both the reserved and the gregarious of our Grade 6 students have a chance to take to the stage and perform […]

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Standing with the AAPI Community

This week our country witnessed a horrifying act of violence against people of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritage. Unfortunately, violence and discrimination against the AAPI community has risen sharply in the past year. This week’s shooting reminds us that if we are to prevent such devastating consequences, we must instill in all Americans–and […]

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Grade 5 Dragons Present Their Big Ideas

Every year, I have the privilege of serving on a panel for the annual WES Innovation Showcase, where Grade 5 students present an invention they have created that solves a problem. Think of it as the WES version of Shark Tank, but without the investors – yet.  The Innovation Showcase is actually the culmination of […]

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Celebrating Black Lives and Voices

Mae Jemison. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Misty Copeland. Kamala Harris. Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett. These are just a handful of the African American scientists, artists, and leaders our Dragons have been learning about this month as we have sought to recognize the contributions of Black voices and lives as part of Black History Month. At […]

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Our Kind, Confident, and Prepared Alumni

At WES, one of our goals is to provide our students with the skills that enable them to stride confidently into the world, delight in it, and contribute to it. And I am proud to say WES alumni do just that! Many of our graduates stay in frequent touch with our faculty, enabling us to […]

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