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3 Student Inventions I Need Right Now

Ever had one of those hot summer days at a sports park and wished you had a simple (and dry!) way to cool off? Maybe you should try out the Chilly Sleeve, an arm device that gets cooler the more you sweat in it, thanks to its use of polyvinyl alcohol.  This is just one […]

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Using Questioning to Help Children Develop Critical Thinking Skills

During my recent visits to classrooms, I have noticed many strategies that our teachers use to help our students develop their critical thinking skills.  Critical thinking is when we analyze and evaluate information, connect the dots between concepts, and see alternative ways of looking at problems and solutions.  One of the most effective ways to […]

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The Winter ’23 Magazine Has Arrived

The winter issue of The WES Magazine is here! You’ll find stories about engaging learning strategies employed by WES teachers, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and Alex Berko ’21, whose artwork was featured on Vice President Harris’ holiday card.

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The Importance of You

Our community is often recognized as one of the many special features of WES. Research shows that a strong school community can lead to increased engagement, motivation, and a sense of belonging among all students. This is why we work hard to create a school culture that sees, nurtures, and values the individual; where differences […]

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Grade 8 v. SCOTUS

On January 19, 2023, our Grade 8 Dragons had the opportunity of a lifetime visiting the Supreme Court. The students got a full tour of the Court as well as seeing the “highest court in the land.” In addition to getting a tour, the students talked with a Supreme Court Justice. The Justice not only […]

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Lessons to be Learned From a Unisaurus Rex

I walked into the gym this week to find large numbers of dinosaurs had taken over the stage, including a curious one with sequins and a satin horn. It turns out that particular glitter-loving creature was actually a dinocorn (the offspring of a unicorn and dinosaur). Grade 1 was busy rehearsing Roxy: The Last Unisaurus […]

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