Alya K. Ahmed ’13

Alya K. Ahmed ’13


Schools Since WES

Sidwell Friends School, Yale University

Current Occupation

Senior analyst in the Technology Investment Banking Group at Citi Bank

Future Career Goals

Start my own investment fund that invests in emerging markets, mentor and support many, many women in finance

Favorite WES Activity

Frankly, the education I got at WES was very strong, and I have very fond memories of all my classes. Mrs. O’Sullivan’s and Mrs. Wright’s problem-solving based math classes taught me how to think critically, which ultimately allowed me to skip ahead in high school math. The language fluency Madame Jacqueline and Madame Braun fostered in their classes still comes in handy to this day whenever I work cross border transactions. I discovered a curiosity about how things work and a methodological organization from Mr. Elkassem’s and Ms. Earles’ science classes. This fantastic educational foundation, in a community that wholeheartedly emphasizes kindness, is something that I’ll always be grateful for.

Favorite WES Memory

My favorite memory was every Monday listening to Father Kim’s homily at Chapel. Even though I’m Muslim, I always loved the lessons that she would give us to reflect on each week.

How did WES prepare you for your future?

It taught me that kindness and effort were the only two tools really needed to allow you to do anything in life.