Andreas Gizaw ’10

Andreas Gizaw ’10


Schools Since WES

Sandford International School (Addis Ababa), International Community School (Addis Ababa), University of California Davis, University of Maryland College Park

Current Occupation

I’m currently a medical student at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. I am currently interested in specializing in either emergency medicine or an internal medicine subspecialty.

Future Career Goals

While practicing medicine as a physician, I also currently see myself getting involved in medical education, whether that’s helping to teach residents or curriculum building for a medical school. I also hope to engage in capacity-building efforts for healthcare workers in Ethiopia if possible.

Favorite WES Activity

I sincerely enjoyed being part of the 6th grade musical. I appreciate how it gave me opportunity to experience something I normally wouldn’t have pushed myself to do.

Favorite WES Memory

One of my fondest memories was breaking the school record for the mile, which I heard I went on to hold for a very long time! I still talk about it as if it happened yesterday.

How did WES prepare you for your future?

Being a student at WES helped me to develop a sense of what it means to work hard. I certainly believe my work ethic has helped me accomplish what I have been able to until now and will certainly help me to accomplish what I hope to do in the future.