Mayowa Tinubu ’12

Mayowa Tinubu ’12


Schools Since WES

Georgetown Prep, Amherst College

Current Occupation

I currently work at Barclays Investment Bank as a Credit Sales Analyst. In my role, I manage relationships with institutional investors and work with traders to transact with clients across credit markets. Prior to joining Barclays, I attended Amherst College, where I majored in Econ and Political Science and was a member of the Track & Field team.

Future Career Goals

At the moment I’m trying to learn as much as I can in my current role and grow my professional network.

Favorite WES Activity

There’s so many! I had a lot of fun on the basketball and soccer teams at WES. The class trip to Italy was also an amazing experience!

Favorite WES Memory

The Italy trip or the musical in the 6th grade.

How did WES prepare you for your future?

WES prepared me for the future by challenging me to be the best version of myself inside and outside the classroom. I was blessed to have amazing teachers who were genuinely invested in helping me succeed.