Michael Harding ’05

Michael Harding ’05


Schools Since WES

Walt Whitman High School, Brigham Young University (undergrad), the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (medical school), and Johns Hopkins University for my master’s in public health

Current Occupation

I am currently in residency training at Johns Hopkins, training to become a primary care physician. I am a researcher in the Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health.

Future Career Goals

After competition of my residency, I will be assigned to an Indian Health Service site, where I will work to improve the health of American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Favorite WES Activity

I loved French Club and being a part of an undefeated lacrosse team.

Favorite WES Memory

The 7th grade class trip to Italy. The entire class went together, and though I had been friends with my classmates for many years prior to the trip, I think that experience created a bond that lasts to this day.

How did WES prepare you for your future?

As fond as I am of the memories of my time at WES, my favorite WES memory was getting to see my son start school. He overlapped playground time with my mother, a PK3 teacher. Especially as a first-time parent, it was reassuring to know that all of the teachers were so invested in his growth.