Building Community and Leadership in Caroline Furnace

I don’t often have the opportunity to wear my hiking boots to school, but yesterday happened to be one of those days. I had the privilege of joining the Grade 8 students as they began their 3-day retreat at Caroline Furnace, VA. 

Our experiential learning trips are one of the trademarks of our program. We believe that students learn by doing, and our study trips accelerate this learning, show the real-world relevance of what they learn in the classroom, and provide opportunities for reflection and creative problem-solving. During their trip, our students will take a deep dive into the history and geography of the region, engage in leadership activities, contemplate their hopes and dreams for the coming year, and build community. 

Our Dragons will witness the glory of the night sky of the Shenandoah Valley, canoe down its famous river, and work together in teams to lead various activities over the course of this adventure. 

Grade 8 is an important year–there are so many opportunities for personal and academic growth. It’s also a time when our students begin preparing for the next stage of their learning journeys. As they pause to notice, to appreciate, to imagine, and to plan their year during this retreat, we will also ask them to focus on their connections with one another and to remember that each one of them has an important place in our community. 


Danny Vogelman
Head of School