WES’s 2023 Graduation and Its Founding

Next Tuesday, WES’s 30 Grade 8 students will graduate and turn their academic attention to a wide variety of high schools. The whole community is proud of their growth and accomplishments. Ten of these students have been with us from their first day of school, more than a quarter of the life of WES. Indeed, […]

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Middle School Studying Abroad

Each morning this week, I eagerly awaited Instagram posts from our Grade 8 teachers and students in France and Spain. Today, our Grade 7 students leave for Italy, and our Grade 6 students head to Utah on Saturday. Since announcing these trips in last weekend’s Sunday Night message, several parents have asked me for more […]

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WES: Blue and Gold and Green

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, just months after people first looked down on our precious blue home from the moon. Celebrated again this past weekend, the day is a reminder of our obligation to preserve a healthy planet for our children. Our efforts to turn WES green are surging. The elementary […]

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Science Fair: Truly a PROCESS of Discovery

This Friday, our Grade 6 Dragons will participate in yet another example of dynamic, hands-on learning in the form of the Science Fair. Standing beside their project boards, answering questions posed by judges—made up of parents, teachers, Grade 8 students, and even WES alumni—is only a small part of this experience. Preparing each WES student […]

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Using Questioning to Help Children Develop Critical Thinking Skills

During my recent visits to classrooms, I have noticed many strategies that our teachers use to help our students develop their critical thinking skills.  Critical thinking is when we analyze and evaluate information, connect the dots between concepts, and see alternative ways of looking at problems and solutions.  One of the most effective ways to […]

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Grade 8 v. SCOTUS

On January 19, 2023, our Grade 8 Dragons had the opportunity of a lifetime visiting the Supreme Court. The students got a full tour of the Court as well as seeing the “highest court in the land.” In addition to getting a tour, the students talked with a Supreme Court Justice. The Justice not only […]

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