WES Hosts Graduation on June 8

WES is pleased to announce a very special outdoors and physically distanced graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021. The formal ceremony will be followed by a drive-through graduation parade starting at 12:30 p.m. Since only a limited number of attendees will be allowed, check back here on June 8 for the livestream so extended […]

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WES’s Global Fair Turns Virtual

Did you know that the WES community comprises families from at least 34 countries around the world and dozens of states across America? As we continue to welcome the new year and celebrate our community, we want to continue our school’s tradition of celebrating the families and many different cultures, heritages, and backgrounds that make […]

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Why Math Matters in Early Childhood Education

Sorting objects. Building with blocks. Playing with different types of shapes. If you wander into a WES Nursery or Pre-K room on any given day, you’ll see lots of these types of activities. It may look like play (and it is) but it’s also laying the foundation for algebraic thinking. Research shows that early math […]

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Grateful for the WES Community

This Thanksgiving will certainly be different than previous years. This will be the first that Sandy, the boys, and I will be by ourselves. Another difference is that we will not be eating turkey. We took an idea from Early Childhood Counselor Debbie Weinberger and decided to give everyone in the family a choice of […]

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Submit Your Work to WES’s Holiday Music Series

WES Dragons, you’re invited to the….. The 12 Nights of Christmas  Family Concert Series at WES The 12 Nights of Christmas is a community-wide event to celebrate the music of the holidays. Starting the first week of December, we will share featured music performances by our students, families, and faculty each night as we approach […]

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Face Masks That Will Keep You Safe

It was so wonderful to see everyone’s faces—and many cool and creative masks—at Orientation last week! WES policy states that face coverings must be CDC-compliant, so we wanted to review what type of face coverings the CDC recommends. CDC-compliant masks must: •  Have two or more layers of cotton fabric •  Cover your nose and mouth and […]

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