Our Faculty

Erica Taylor

Grade 2 Teacher


At WES Since: 2022

What is one of your goals as a teacher?
One goal I try to accomplish as a teacher is to let my students feel safe with making mistakes. Mistakes are where the learning happens – you can only really grow by making a mistake, learning from it, and coming up with a plan to move forward from the mistake. I hope to create a classroom environment where not only children know they can make a mistake and learn from it, but also lift up their peers to help them learn from mistakes made in and out of the classroom.

What is your philosophy on teaching?
​​My educational philosophy is rooted in educating the whole child. Each child develops and learns at their own pace, so I set academic goals for each child to reach or exceed throughout the year to help them reach their fullest potential. While it’s important to teach the academics to students, I believe it’s equally, if not more, important to teach skills that will develop with them throughout their lives. I like to sprinkle in important life concepts, such as how to problem solve, think critically, and resolve conflicts in a respectful manner, into my daily academic lessons, while also establishing a classroom environment that is empathetic, kind, and welcoming.

I spent my undergraduate years at the Catholic University of America, where I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education, followed by a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration from George Washington University. With over eight years of varied experience in the teaching field, I have taught Grade 2, served as the Director of Student Culture, and was promoted to the position of Assistant Principal at St. Peter School in D.C. Most recently I served as the Assistant Director at the Goddard School in North Bethesda. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy going on hikes and adventures with my husband, Sean, and our two pups, Odin and Leo. Originally from New Jersey, I often visit my family back home and soak up the sun at the nearby beaches. My family and I take an annual trip to Walt Disney World, which began when I was in elementary school!