Our Faculty

Kristin Cuddihy

Middle School Director


At WES Since: 2019

What is your philosophy on teaching?
One of the reasons that I am here at WES is our school’s focus on kindness, confidence, and preparation. These three traits will enable a child to thrive both academically and personally. I am proud to be at WES, where we hold these traits up and work towards instilling them in our students every day.

If you could talk to any living person now, who would it be and why? 
I would love to meet our First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Dr. Biden’s presence in the White House, as both a teacher and First Lady, is an incredible opportunity for all educators, as I believe that she will help to raise up the platform of education and spotlight the incredible work that all educators are doing every day.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and since then have lived in Philadelphia as well as here in Maryland for the last 20 years. I married my high school sweetheart and have two fabulous children. I graduated college with a degree in Art History and wanted to work for MTV more than anything (it was the 80s!) But marriage and family led me to pursue teaching. A career middle-school teacher, I cannot imagine being with any other group of students. I enjoyed teaching and leading students so much that I became an Academic Dean, then a Dean of Students, and now am a Middle School Director. I am so grateful every day to be with people I love to work with – both students and faculty!