Our Faculty

Moira O’Kon

EC/ES Spanish teacher


At WES Since: 2018

What is your philosophy on teaching?
Teaching is my life. I believe communication and enthusiasm are key elements to help my teaching style and techniques to evolve daily. As a world language teacher, my goal is to promote cross-cultural awareness and appreciation in a safe and engaging environment. At WES, language is introduced using culture as our backdrop. In this way, students are able to identify, compare, and empathize with different traditions and aspects from Spanish-speaking cultures. Teaching my native language, Spanish, allows me to bring the elements that I cherish as well as personal experiences as a learner to encourage a love for the language in my students.

I am an Argentine teacher and have been teaching children from 3 to 15 years old for 25 years. I previously worked in schools back home as a science, technology, and homeroom teacher. When my family moved to Bethesda in 2015, I was eager to resume my life in the teaching community. Luckily I became part of the WES community to share my passion for learning and teaching world language. I wholeheartedly try to make a difference in my students’ lives by aiding them to reach their highest potential, learning from them, and foremost conveying love for the Spanish language.