Our Faculty

Mr. Mehdi Elkassem

Early Childhood and Elementary Science Teacher & Coach

At WES since 2001

What is your philosophy on teaching?
As a teacher, when you enter the classroom, you get disconnected from the outside world and your full attention is on each child. We are trusted by God and by the parents with the most valuable thing on earth; the children. And our duty as teachers, caregivers, and educators is to teach, share our expertise, serve, protect, care for, and love our students. We should always be aware of what we say to the children because sometimes what you think is a small and simple teaching moment can actually be the very big and important one. We also should always accept kids the way they are. They all come in different shapes, different brains, and different personalities, and it’s that type of diversity that makes our classroom and community beautiful.

How has education changed since you started teaching?
Students now are wanting and seeking more innovative ways of learning. There is a greater expectation to be dynamic and make the material relevant to their experience and world.