Our Faculty

Mrs. Caterina Earle

Middle School Science Teacher

At WES since 1995

What motivated you to become a teacher?
I always loved school and learning. Even as a student, I delighted in helping classmates figure out ways to better understand what we were studying. I started tutoring younger students when I was in high school and then was a teaching assistant in college, and I loved the challenge of developing methods for explaining concepts clearly and efficiently, and that reached different people with different learning styles. Plus, I grew up in a family that is enthusiastic about science and the natural world, so it seemed natural to pass along that enthusiasm to others.

If you could talk to any living person now, who would it be and why?
The British naturalist/biologist Sir David Attenborough -– for me, he embodies the spirit of wonder and appreciation for the natural world. He eloquently communicates the responsibility we humans have to be good stewards of this planet. I would be especially eager to hear his opinions on the best strategies for supporting endangered species and ecosystems.