Our Faculty

Rana Ryan

EC Science Teacher & Classroom Support Personnel

At WES Since: 2022

What is your teaching philosophy?
As an early childhood science teacher, I thrive on nurturing curiosity in my students by engaging them in hands-on activities that ignite their fascination with the natural world. Collaboration is at the core of my teaching, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where young minds explore scientific concepts from diverse angles. In our classroom, we embark on exciting laboratory experiments, encouraging questions and promoting discovery. Drawing from my own multicultural background, I am passionate about celebrating diversity and inclusion, infusing our learning space with the richness of various life experiences, much like the diverse countries I have called home.

Why did you choose to work at WES?
I have always been a fan of WES. Five years ago, I began as a substitute teacher, supporting the school in areas ranging from PK3 through Grade 5, plus French, music, and art. I am thrilled to join the full-time faculty focused on Early Childhood.

I am married and have three adult children. I graduated from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Communications with a Bachelor of Science in advertising. My elementary school years were in Beirut, Lebanon; my middle school years were in London; and my high school years were in Athens, Greece. Following my graduation from college, I have lived in 11 great places. I have lived in Bethesda since 2013. I am an award-winning artist specializing in acrylic and watercolor paintings. I am fluent in English, French, and Arabic. I love boating, traveling across the United States and Europe, and spending time with family, which includes two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels.