Our Faculty

Will Layman

Director Communications & Marketing


At WES Since: 2021

Why did you choose to work at WES?
I chose to join the WES community because every young person I have known who graduated from the school has been kind, graceful, and comfortable in their own skin. My mom’s superb advice to me when I was a high school student remains my simple definition of humanism: Be nice to people. And, through some failures, I try to please her every day.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I came to DC in 1982 after completing my education at Williams College. Six years as a litigating attorney have now been overshadowed by 30 years in education as a teacher and administrator, most recently five years at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service. Beyond work, I enjoy watching sports and films with my two adult children, walking my schnoodle puppy, riding my bicycle, writing about jazz for magazines, and playing the piano, organ, or saxophone with several bands in the DC area. I do not prefer music and books to people, but  see little reason to choose on most days.