Grade 3 Spreads Rays of Kindness

Washington Episcopal School’s Grade 3 STEM and Entrepreneurship Class started the Kindness Core with the goal of spreading acts of kindness throughout the school and the larger community and INSPIRING others to join in their effort to spread kindness.

Goal: 2020 ACTS of KINDNESS done by the WES community by November 2, 2020

In a year that has been shadowed with hardship, Grade 3 students’ goal is to inspire 2020 acts of kindness in our community reflecting that the number and year 2020 can be connected with kindness.


  1. Do 10 or more acts of kindness
  2. Record acts of kindness at: www.w-e-s.org/KindnessActs
  3. Encourage others to take part in Kindess Core’s effort to spread kindness

Filling out the Google form takes under 1 minute and is important to reaching the Kindness Core Goal. There are 3 questions.    Name, Class, and Number of Acts of Kindness. Non-WES students: Please also log your acts of kindness, too, and the class of the person you know at WES. The class with the most recorded acts of kindness will receive a prize and the title as the winner of Kindness Core’s Acts of Kindness Contest. Contest will close by November 2, but spreading acts of kindness should never end. Prize: Fun Dip and a make your own Fuzzball Creature Kit!

Please take part in spreading acts of kindness and shine your rays of kindness out into the world because every person can make a difference.

Your actions will make others happy (and you too!)

*The Kindness Core is part of Grade 3’s Entrepreneurship Project: Students are challenged to design a service business based on social responsibility that encourages others to make positive change in their lives. Students must use communication strategies to clearly and effectively achieve their goal. Through this experience students will foster 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication to achieve their mission. Please help support their efforts.