Growing Together

Redwoods are fascinating trees especially in regard to how they support their enormous size. One would think that trees that grow up to 380 feet would need deep root systems to stabilize themselves and help them weather strong winds and fierce storms. On the contrary, redwoods have very shallow root systems and instead of those roots running deep into the earth, they run close to the surface and interlock with the roots of other redwood trees. This also allows the trees to share nutrients. Through their connections, redwoods are given strength and the ability to support other redwoods and for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years, the trees grow together.

Growing Together is our school’s theme this year. Together in the coming year, our students will grow as learners and thinkers, creators and problem solvers. Together, our community will grow in our virtues, including kindness, forgiveness, inclusiveness, generosity, and more. Together, we will continue to build our resilience muscles as we find ways to do important work even when circumstances are challenging. Most importantly, we will support one another along the way. 

We will be talking to the students about our theme during chapels and classroom discussions throughout the year. 

We are incredibly excited for the year ahead as we seek to learn and grow together as a community.

Danny Vogelman

Head of School