Helping WES Graduates Become Kind, Confident, and Prepared

I began today with a small and physically distanced outdoor information session for prospective families. One of our Grade 8 students attended the first part to share her experiences as a WES student and to answer questions. She was poised, eloquent, and engaging. As I watched her speak, I thought about how she embodied our mission to enable students to become “kind, confident, and prepared.”

She spoke freely about many of our programs and the highlights of her WES career. She shared about how much she enjoys her current physics class and how the Grade 4 Biography Tea was her most memorable elementary experience. She discussed her leading role in the Grade 6 musical, as well as her current positions with the Student Government Association, school magazine, and yearbook. She talked about the great relationships she built across grade levels through the Reading Buddies and Chapel Pals programs. Perhaps most importantly, she spoke of her deep appreciation for our faculty and her fellow Dragons. 

She also candidly discussed our outplacement process and how she is getting ready to transition to life outside of WES. As this student begins searching for her next opportunity, two excellent schools are at the top of her list. Because of the opportunities she has had at WES, she feels more than ready for the next step of her educational career. 

Our current pandemic has highlighted that life can sometimes be completely unpredictable. But the one thing that is predictable is that our students continue to impress. And when their time comes to transition to the next phase in their lives, they are prepared to stride confidently into the world, delight in it, and contribute to it.

Danny Vogelman

Head of School