Kaleidoscope Clubs

Kaleidoscope means a “diverse collection” and is derived from the Greek words that mean observation of beautiful forms.
We offer two diversity clubs for students: Kaleidoscope (Grades 6-8) and Kaleidoscope Jr. (Grades 4 & 5). Everyone is welcome – this is a place to learn about diversity and inclusion, and make their voices heard.

Topics will include: gender, race, ability, religion, nationality, and many others ways we are different and alike. We’ll play games and do fun activities that help us learn more about each other, and make sure everyone feels included at WES. Kaleidoscope Jr. also prepares students for the Middle School Kaleidoscope Club. There will be opportunities for students in each club to collaborate throughout the year and spearhead school-wide diversity initiatives.

Please email Courtney Clark at cclark@w-e-s.org if your student is interested in joining.