Library Continues to Offer Curbside Check-Out

WES will continue to offer students access to its library collection even when students are learning at home. We will use a curbside checkout program, as we did during the summer.

Students or parents can request up to 3 books and will be allowed to keep the books for three weeks. Pick-up will be on Wednesday afternoons on the colonnade, and each division will have an assigned week for pick-up:
Middle School: September 16
Early Childhood: September 23
Elementary School: September 30
(Nursery and Pre-K students learning on site will get books at school.)

On Wednesday, October 7, the rotation will begin again and Middle School students can pick up books.

Reserving Books:

Grades 4 and up: Students will use the catalog to put books on hold.
Grades K-3 and virtual NP students: Students or parents will use a Google form to request books. (Grades 2-3 Form; NPK1 Form)
NP: Students will choose books in person using a cart.