Meaningful Experiential Study Trips

Experiential study trips have long been a core part of our curriculum because they increase student interest, knowledge, and motivation. Although all study trips were paused due to the pandemic, I am delighted to share that we are slowly venturing off campus so our Dragons can enjoy safe, outdoor learning experiences once again. 

Our youngest Dragons were actually the first to leave campus this year, when several grade levels took different nature walks to admire the cherry blossom trees in Kenwood. But over the course of the next several weeks, there are a number of meaningful and community-building short trips coming up.

Here are just a few of the experiences our Dragons will have:

  • Kindergarten will enjoy a nature walk with Ranger Jen tomorrow. The class will walk alongside Capital Capital Crescent Trail, and then have a lesson at the Little Falls Branch. In addition, while they are there, they will dip their feet into the creek and check out creatures in their natural habitat. 
  • Grade 2 is heading to Breezy Point State Park to hunt for shark’s teeth! They’ll also participate in a scavenger hunt identifying geometric shapes in nature and do a few activities supplementing their current study of the Chesapeake Bay. 
  • Grade 5 will undertake a historical scavenger hunt (that includes quite a bit of hiking) in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, exploring John Brown’s Fort, the Harper Cemetery, the Historic District, and more!
  • Middle School will travel to Harper’s Ferry, where they will enjoy community-building activities such as a ropes course, zip line, and rafting, among other adventures. 

We’d like to thank our teachers for their creativity in creating fun and memorable experiences in a safe way, and for our parent chaperones/drivers for making these experiences possible! 

Danny Vogelman

Head of School