Of Grit, Grace, and Competition

As the weather begins to warm and buds begin to sprout on campus, spring also carries the promise of new sports! Our lacrosse and track and field teams have begun training to get ready for the spring season. 

Many of our Dragons will be learning something entirely new–they may not have ever tried the long jump before or cradled a lacrosse ball. But they’re willing to explore something different and take risks, which is incredibly important to their development both as student-athletes and as lifelong learners. 

Some researchers actually believe that “grit” is a better predictor of success than intelligence. That’s not to say that grades or academic performance are unimportant. But it’s the ability to get back up and persevere–even after challenges and setbacks–which is a critical marker of high-performing individuals. 

Our Athletics program is one way we seek to build resilience, character, and sportsmanship in our Dragons. Our coaches challenge our student-athletes to perform at their personal best, to work collaboratively as a team, and to display grace both on and off the court, no matter the outcome of the game. 

Our coaches play a critical role in our Dragons’ growth as human beings as well as athletes. If you want to learn more about this fantastic team, please check out this profile of our coaches from the winter edition of The WES Magazine

Danny Vogelman

Head of School