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The Process and Approach

In the winter of 2017, WES began the planning process for its next strategic plan.
The Board of Trustees created a Strategic Planning Committee and outlined the committee’s responsibilities to include guiding the planning process, acting in an advisory capacity in the strategic plan’s development, and creating and submitting the final draft to the Board of Trustees for approval.

The Strategic Planning Committee consisted of 17 individuals who represented a wide range of backgrounds, expertise, and WES tenures. The committee also engaged an experienced consultant who had deep knowledge of independent schools and the strategic planning process. The committee provided analysis and research and acted as a thought partner to better define the intentional and dynamic direction of the school.

The Strategic Planning Committee finalized the plan and submitted it to the WES Board of Trustees for approval. The Board approved the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan in June 2018. The plan is now with the head of school, administration, faculty, and staff for implementation. The WES administration will regularly provide status and progress reports to the WES community throughout the five years of the plan’s implementation.

The WES community served a critical role in this process. Through surveys, focus groups, and other activities, the committee sought input and feedback from students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and other key stakeholders. These individuals emphasized the core assets that make WES so special and highlighted the areas that offered the most potential for the school’s and students’ future growth and development.

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