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Daily Private Tours

WES private tours take between 45 to 60 minutes and can be tailored to what interests you and your child the most. Parents, guardians, and students are welcomed on campus tours and will have the opportunity to meet faculty and students, see the entire campus, and have questions answered about WES's programming and curriculum. Please complete the inquiry form so that we can be sure to show you the areas of the school that mean the most to you!

Finding the "Best Fit" School for Your Child - A Parent Guide and Workbook

Navigating the admission process can, at times, be overwhelming. Let us help you find a "best fit" school(s). What does "best fit" mean?  A “best fit” school is one that your child likes or loves, where your child’s academic record and acumen fall well within the school's average range, and the school’s tuition is within your budget (or the school offers financial aid to bridge the gap). 


We have a quick guide and workbook to assist you in this process. Click HERE to receive this FREE guide. 

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