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The Religion and Chapel Program

According to the WES philosophy statement, the school is a community “that supports the principles of the Episcopal Church” and thus strives “to nurture the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development of the children.” The Religion and Chapel Program is firmly rooted in this commitment. As an Episcopal school, the community affirms the beliefs and traditions of the Episcopal Church while also celebrating religious diversity. WES students represent many Christian denominations, religious affiliations, and beliefs.  As a result, the religion program is designed to foster respect, tolerance, and understanding of the faith traditions, beliefs, and customs practiced both by members of our school community and people around the world.  The components of the Religion and Chapel Program include weekly chapels, the virtue curriculum, religion classes, and pastoral care.

Meet Chaplain Tim Kennedy in a special video produced by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington about the role, responsibility, and joy of being a school chaplain. Click HERE! 


Tim Kennedy
Chaplain and Religion Teacher 

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Washington Episcopal School is enriched by many faiths. A major tenet of the Episcopal faith is celebrating and understanding other faith traditions. We nurture all young minds, bodies, and spirits. 


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