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Lunch Options



The Hot Lunch Menu

An optional hot lunch program is offered with food provided by Vignola Gourmet.  Families may choose from a two-, three-, four-, or five-day program, depending on the student's grade level.

Menus are published monthly in the NeWES and on this page.  Students may choose the hot entreé and/or selections from the salad and sandwich bar.  Parent volunteers help serve lunch.

Parents may change their child’s hot lunch program once the school year begins by contacting the Business Office during September. In December, parents will again have a chance to change their child’s hot lunch selection effective January 1. They may either drop out of the program or commit to it through the end of the school year. There is no reimbursement for missed lunches due to absences.

Students in the hot lunch program will get a boxed lunch for field trips. We are happy to serve hot lunch to a child who has forgotten his lunch and we will bill the parents. Daily drop-ins are not allowed.

Food Allergies: Vignola is experienced in handling food allergies. Students with allergies should be able to enjoy their lunch each day without issue.

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