Submit Your Work to WES’s Holiday Music Series

WES Dragons, you’re invited to the…..

The 12 Nights of Christmas 

Family Concert Series at WES

The 12 Nights of Christmas is a community-wide event to celebrate the music of the holidays. Starting the first week of December, we will share featured music performances by our students, families, and faculty each night as we approach the festive season. These performances will be on the WES website and social media. It is easy and convenient to participate. 

We are looking for video performances of singers and/or instrumentalists to perform a favorite holiday song and send it to us by Monday, December 7.  Everyone in the WES community is invited to send a performance video. This includes alumni and WES family group/solo performances. If you are interested, please read below for detailed instructions.   

YES, it’s that EASY! 

  • Choose any appropriate Christmas or holiday song.  Yes, even Jingle Bells.
  • Practice…. Or not 🙂 and follow the video instructions for recording the performance.
  • Record your song and sit back and watch our celebration each night as we compile a few video performances together and share with the community.


Suggestions on ways to record and send your performance video.

  •  THE EASIEST WAY to record and send your performance!
    • Google Submit – This is the easiest way to join in the fun and our preferred option! Just click on our Screencastify submit button and record your video.  Review the video for quality. If you are happy with the performance, hit the submit button, and you’re done! If you are not happy with the quality or performance select retake and try again. Once you hit the submit button, the video is automatically uploaded to me for approval and will be adding to our program. This works on most devices, including both apple and android devices.  


    • Use your own video recording method and send video to our GOOGLE DRIVE.


Video suggestions to make a better video 

  • The most important suggestion is to KEEP IT SIMPLE and FUN! 
  • Performance length: Video performances should be 30 seconds to 4 minutes in length. (Please email Mr. Valenzia if you would like to go outside of these times.)
  • Music: Play the music track on a second device and sing along.  
  • Karaoke, live instrument, or backing tracks are preferred for your performance. Youtube is a great resource. You can also email Mr. Valenzia if you can’t find a backing track.  
  • Lighting: Make sure there are lights in front of you so we can clearly see your face(s).  Tree and other decoration lights in the video are welcome.
  • Performance attire: Lots of smiles and fun attire are recommended but not required. 
  • Place: choose a simple or festive place (room) for your performance.  (Decorations are not required.)

Please understand that ALL submissions will grant Washington Episcopal School permission to share these videos through our 12 Nights of Christmas project and remain visible throughout the holidays.