Being Thankful for Those Who Served

Middle School Director Kristin Cuddihy was our guest speaker at Chapel this week, where she spoke compellingly about our virtue of the month, thankfulness. She reminded us that studies reveal that when we show gratitude, we actually increase our feelings of happiness.

As she challenged our Dragons to reflect on the many things they have to be grateful for, in honor of Veterans Day, we also paused for a special prayer for the veterans who are important to the WES community.

This was the prayer that was shared in Wednesday’s Chapel:
“For those who have fought for freedom; for those who laid down their lives for others; for those who have endured suffering of mind or of body; for those who have brought their best gifts to times of need.

We pray especially this day in gratitude for these veterans important to the WES community:

Sam Alagno
Bobby Austen
Joseph Charles Baglia
Larry Beaver
Carl G. Becker
Will Becker
Fred L. Beye
John B. Bond
David Bryant
Colby Carrier
Leslie Coons
Brady Demarest
Louise Eise
Donald Fioravanti
Frank Fiorino
Steven Gilreath
Hank Griffith
Sydney William  Hooper
Valerie Hughes
Logan Ingram
Roger Kearbey
Ed Kiernan
Michael Lyons
Paul Mitchell
Clifton “Kip” Nichols
Tara Osborne
Jeremy Osborne
William L. Ritchie
Carson M. Smith
Carl B. Taylor
Rick Tye
Robert Tyndall
Ben  Walsh
Mary Walsh
Ennio Viglianti
Blaise Vogelman
Doug Vogelman
Darren Vogelman
Robert Wells
John Wierchioch
Charles William  Wright
George Laucks Xanders II

Give to us grateful hearts for each person who serves in the military. May we honor their service by faithfully pursuing peace throughout our lives.”

We take a lot of pride in creating a safe environment for our students here at WES, and sometimes that safety can be taken for granted. Our students need an understanding of the world around them and an appreciation for those who sacrifice so we can enjoy our liberties. On Veterans Day, we honor our military veterans.


Danny Vogelman
Head of School