The Importance of You

Our community is often recognized as one of the many special features of WES. Research shows that a strong school community can lead to increased engagement, motivation, and a sense of belonging among all students. This is why we work hard to create a school culture that sees, nurtures, and values the individual; where differences are celebrated and not just tolerated.

Our community is more than just our students, faculty, and staff; parents are a significant part as well. You play so many essential roles in the life of the school, from volunteering for field trips and the auction and other needs, to participating in strategic planning and the Parent Diversity Committee and beyond.

The Parent Diversity Committee and Zeena Chi (parent to Corinne ’31) were both instrumental in helping us celebrate the Lunar New Year this year, arranging for a classroom visit in Kindergarten, a discussion in the Early Childhood Chapel on Wednesday, and a traditional lion dance performance for Kindergarten-Grade 8 tomorrow, which will be presented by the Tai Yim Kung Fu School.

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important and festive holidays for billions of people worldwide, celebrating the beginning of spring and the start of a new lunar cycle. A lion dance is a traditional performance often seen during Lunar New Year celebrations. The dance is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the community.

We are deeply grateful for Zeena’s and the Parent Diversity Committee’s leadership role in promoting cultural awareness and building an inclusive community. Our parents create priceless moments and memories for our students, both in enlarging their understanding of different cultures and perspectives and developing pride in our Dragons in their unique heritages.

The Parent Diversity Committee is bringing back the Global Fair later this spring; more details to come. I look forward to celebrating the distinctive backgrounds, cultures, and customs that make our community so special.

Danny Vogelman

Head of School