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Applying to a Religiously Affiliated School

Advice from a Director of Admission I saw an interesting post the other day on a message board about a family applying to a catholic parish school (they wondered if they would be accepted to the school if they were not catholic). This got me thinking about why families look at religious schools in the […]

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Is it too late?

Advice from a Director of Admission In early spring we begin to receive calls from families that have determined that their current school situation is not working for their child and/​or their family due to a wide variety of factors that include a desire for improved classroom instruction or management, an interest in smaller class […]

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Paying for an Independent School Education

Advice from a Director of Admission Paying for an independent school education can be challenging. Tuition, books, and activities fees are just the start of a family’s cost estimate. When looking at schools, ask the Director of Admission for all the fees associated for a specific grade – ask about athletic equipment, study trips, and […]

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Don’t be Bashful

Advice from an Admission Director We recently hosted an informational coffee with the President of CriLu Educational Services Rosalia Miller for families interested in learning about the admission process to independent schools. She gave a key piece of advice that I would like to pass onto the readers of this blog. She said “The school […]

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