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Nominations for the Board of Trustees for 2021-2022

As is our custom, the WES Board of Trustees annually solicits nominations from the entire WES community for candidates who can add significant value to the strategic initiatives of the school. Candidates can be from both inside and outside of our immediate WES community. All nominations will be presented to the Board’s Trustees Committee. Those […]

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Grateful for the WES Community

This Thanksgiving will certainly be different than previous years. This will be the first that Sandy, the boys, and I will be by ourselves. Another difference is that we will not be eating turkey. We took an idea from Early Childhood Counselor Debbie Weinberger and decided to give everyone in the family a choice of […]

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Submit Your Work to WES’s Holiday Music Series

WES Dragons, you’re invited to the….. The 12 Nights of Christmas  Family Concert Series at WES The 12 Nights of Christmas is a community-wide event to celebrate the music of the holidays. Starting the first week of December, we will share featured music performances by our students, families, and faculty each night as we approach […]

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Supporting Our Children Through Difficult Feelings

Our Dragons are back in school, which feels familiar, but things are also very different. Constant changes over the last nine months have created uncertainty and anxiety in both children and adults. As parents, we are the “Front Line” workers (often with no backup) who support our children when they experience challenges, and I know […]

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Helping WES Graduates Become Kind, Confident, and Prepared

I began today with a small and physically distanced outdoor information session for prospective families. One of our Grade 8 students attended the first part to share her experiences as a WES student and to answer questions. She was poised, eloquent, and engaging. As I watched her speak, I thought about how she embodied our […]

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Talking to Your Children About the Election

Every election year provides unique teaching opportunities, as the students gain an intimate look into the democractic process and the workings of the electoral college. Our current election cycle feels a little different from previous years, though, with rhetoric that is too often divisive and demeaning.  We know many of our students are aware of […]

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