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A Reflection on Our Children and Technology

Over the past few years, I’ve listened to adults label and generalize today’s children as people who are overly dependent on technology and are not developing the social skills of previous generations because of this. I too have had some concerns about the overuse of technology, but my concerns are not limited to Generation Z, […]

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My Why

I thought my first blog would be an opportune time to share, My Why – why I choose to work with children, why access and equity are driving forces for me, and why, as an educational leader, my decisions are always student-centered. I am a native Philadelphian who grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in […]

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What To Look For During A School Tour and Parent Interview

Advice from a Director of Admission As a prospective parent, you will be able to gain the greatest insight into a school’s community and dynamic while on your school tour. An open house is a wonderful way to see a school and make several connections, but also be aware that the school is truly on […]

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Creating A Calendar Of School Open Houses

Advice from a Director of Admission We know how you are feeling. You’ve met as a family and identified several schools you are interested in visiting and possibly applying to, but you still don’t feel as though you know enough about any of them to make an educated decision. You start looking at the different […]

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Applying to a Religiously Affiliated School

Advice from a Director of Admission I saw an interesting post the other day on a message board about a family applying to a catholic parish school (they wondered if they would be accepted to the school if they were not catholic). This got me thinking about why families look at religious schools in the […]

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Is it too late?

Advice from a Director of Admission In early spring we begin to receive calls from families that have determined that their current school situation is not working for their child and/​or their family due to a wide variety of factors that include a desire for improved classroom instruction or management, an interest in smaller class […]

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