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A Strategic Plan for
Washington Episcopal School

Our strategic framework reflects the newest priorities for Washington Episcopal School; we will focus on completing the following strategic goals:

  • Fortify our Core Program
  • Strengthen Marketing, Positioning, and Visibility
  • Enhance Our Physical Plant
  • Sustain Washington Episcopal School

Our aim is to twofold: we expect to celebrate and leverage our recent progress as a school while fortifying our position as a leading independent Episcopal school in the region. 

Mission Statement

Washington Episcopal School believes that learning should be joyful, because academic excellence and happy children belong together.An independent, co-educational school for students from Nursery through Grade 8, WES is committed to helping every child develop his or her fullest potential. Our skilled, caring, and attentive teachers nurture the abilities and talents of each student. Our broad and enriched curriculum builds knowledge and strengthens moral awareness, self-reliance, and leadership. Our supportive community — true to Episcopal tradition — welcomes and celebrates a diversity of faiths and cultures. WES students stride confidently into the world, delight in it, and contribute to it.

Centering Objectives:

Provide greater clarity around the school’s identity, mission, and core values

Starting from our mission and guided by input from key stakeholders inside and outside the school community, we developed a set of declarative statements that summarize the essence of the WES experience. We focused on WES’s aim to educate and nurture young minds and hearts to discover and develop their unique gifts and connect them to a dynamic and diverse world. And we sought to articulate qualities necessary to develop openhearted and discerning problem solvers prepared to stride confidently into a global community as flexible and full-spirited participants.

WES Core Values:

The Foundation for the Strategic Framework

Well Rounded Experience

Under the guidance of a team of dedicated adults, our students strive for academic, artistic, and athletic excellence, create a context for moral decision-making, and develop a sense of service to a greater purpose.

Participatory Exploration

We introduce students to a wide range of local, national, and international experiences in which all participate, fueling creativity, curiosity, and thirst for new challenges.


We embrace our students and their families, as a community that cares, shares, and supports.

To Know and Be Known

We are small in enrollment and class size, but large in heart, so that each student can know others and be known among peers and the school community.

Episcopal Principle of Inclusiveness

As an Episcopal school we recognize each student as a model of God’s love and grace, honor the diversity of faith traditions, and cultivate respect for self and others.

Individual Development

We challenge students to become active, engaged, and progressively self-motivated participants in their own education.


Learning at our school is joyful as our students celebrate daily the wonder of their educational journey.

Our mission and these core values will inform our efforts to pursue the four goals of the strategic plan and implement them over the next five years.

Goal One:

Fortify Our Core Program

Our core curricular program is under constant review as the administration and faculty, with the support of the Board of Trustees, are regularly engaged in ensuring the school maintains high academic standards. Through the rigors of the accreditation process, and with annual core curriculum review processes in place, we make sure that our math, science, reading, English, social studies, and writing programs prepare students for the finest high schools to which our graduates matriculate.

Over the next five years we will enhance our program to support our Episcopal mission.

The following are focal points to Fortify Our Core Program:

1. Using the recent enVisionMATH program enhancement as an example, assess the annual core curriculum review process to incorporate recent lessons learned.

2. Enhance our Episcopal mission by further developing the religion, chapel, and service programs, more fully integrating each into the daily fabric of campus life.

3. As we prepare students to become responsible and productive global citizens, create greater campus-wide awareness of diversity and inclusiveness, acknowledging and celebrating each human being as a unique child of God.

4. As we recognize our core value that each student must “know and be known,” we will further refine our student support systems by ensuring staff, schedule, and plans are in place for optimum student support.

5. Create an updated and relevant technology program that engages and inspires today’s digital learners, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly connected world.

6. Advance the after-school, arts, athletics, language, music, and wellness programs, especially in regard to scope, sequence, and integration into our core program.

Goal Two:

Strengthen Marketing, Positioning, and Visibility

We have a unique and extraordinary story to tell, having come suddenly and dramatically into existence in 1986 and developing quickly into a leading independent Episcopal school in the Washington, DC area. Over the next five years we will enhance our ability to share with the greater community the virtues of our small, intimate, yet purposeful Episcopal school program. The following are the goals to increase the effectiveness and integration of our internal and external marketing and communications functions: 

1. Create a comprehensive internal and external marketing plan centered on our unique identity, utilizing advice and expertise within and outside our school community.

2. Develop a coordinated internal and external communications plan that reflects the school’s mission and purpose to provide an invaluable educational experience for our students.

3. Continue to enhance our admissions processes and strategies by developing more effective methods of engaging potential WES families, especially as the uncertainties of the economy affect enrollment numbers.

Goal Three:

Enhance Our Physical Plant

We are blessed with a unique, spacious, quirky, and highly functional physical plant. With its post-modern factory sensibilities, the main school building provides ample opportunities for upgrade as we maximize our ability to provide a balanced program and enhance our sense of community.

During the 2011-2012 school year, we began construction of a synthetic athletic field on the East Campus. The project allows us to add the much-needed multi-purpose facility, but also provides the opportunity to secure the campus by adding gates at all entrances and completing fencing around the entire campus.

1. Complete the East Campus project, including the new athletic field and campus security enhancements.

In addition, our approved master site plan allows for a substantial new building to be built adjacent to our gymnasium. We have an extraordinary opportunity to plan for our next building and capital campaign, exploring such possibilities as new theater, cafeteria, chapel, and classroom additions.

2. In order to have the facilities best support our mission, develop and implement a plan to schedule, finance, and undertake mission-centered enhancements of existing facilities, including the former leased space, the east exterior of the main building, the existing athletic field, and the interior of the main campus building.

3. Develop a comprehensive plan for our next building and capital campaign, including retaining advisers, conducting necessary fundraising research, engaging current constituents regarding facilities priorities, and attracting lead, corporate, and foundation gifts.

Goal Four:

Sustain Washington Episcopal School

A key component of the strategic plan is to put systems and strategies in place to ensure that our school will continue to grow and thrive into the foreseeable future. We must therefore have a robust plan for financial viability and sustainability as we seek to move the school into its next generation of development, focusing on the following:

1. Maintain the school’s sound financial standing by creating plans to monitor and manage our long-term debt, grow the endowment, enhance the consistent use of multi-year budgeting and financial forecasting analysis, and evaluate current employee compensation and benefits to ensure we will continue to attract and retain excellent faculty and staff.

2. Develop and implement a plan to generate additional sources of revenue, including facilities rental, speaker series, and special interest camps.

3. Engage our community to identify ways to improve families’ connectedness to the school.

Task Forces

Additional RevenueCampus Stage II-BReligion/Chapel
After SchoolDiversityStudent
ArtsFinance ManagementSupport
Campus Stage IMarketing/CommunicationsWellness
Campus Stage II-AMusic 


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