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Spring 2019 
After-School Enrichment Program Schedule

Session 3: Monday, April 8, 2019- Thursday, May 23, 2019

Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. and Fridays from 2:30-3:30 p.m.


Online registration:

Financial Aid Families: You may qualify for further financial assistance to enroll your child in an after-school enrichment program. Please contact Director of Admission and Financial Aid Kim Bair at 301-652-7878 ext. 201 or to learn more.  

Mondays 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Dates: 4/8, 4/15, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20 

Mr. Elkassem’s “Make, Explore, and Tinker - The Sky is The Limit” Club (Grades 3-8)
This engaging hand-on based club uses low tech tools and equipment, and gives students opportunities to collaborate, make, learn, explore, tinker, discover, and share. While using recycling materials, cardboard, straws, legos, k’nex, popsicle sticks, batteries, magnets, art supplies…etc, students are encouraged to have a mindset of creating something out of nothing while exploring their own interests. “The Sky is The Limit” club is intended to help children improve their 21st century critical and creative thinking skills in the fields of science and engineering. Besides the hands-on learning and critical thinking skills development, this club is also meant to boost the child’s self-esteem and confidence. Fee: $260

Lego Club (Transition-Grade 4)
If you are a “LEGO fanatic” this program is for you! Mr. Girson and Mrs. Elkassem will create a “LEGOLand” full of opportunities for students to explore and create with LEGOs. Every student will have a part in building a LEGO City. Our city will expand weekly as we add more buildings, transportation, and people. Fee: $120

Art with Ms. Shahnaz (NTK- Grade 1)
Come join us as we make a variety of fun and creative arts and crafts projects.  Each month will have a different theme that will inspire our artwork. Some of the projects include; Easter decorative cards, egg carton bunnies, and paper flower crafts. Don't miss out on this awesome club! Fee: $225

Gymnastics with Active Play (Transition- Grade 2)
Children in this class will jump, hop, and climb as they learn fundamental gymnastics skills in an entertaining and fast-paced way. The class will open up with a fun warm-up and stretch. The children will learn basic floor gymnastics skills, including: cartwheels, handstands, bridges, back walkers, and agility movements. By the end of the class, children will perform a routine, incorporating the skills they have learned. The goal is for children to learn gymnastics skills in a fun and interactive way. Reminder: It is important for your child to dress appropriately in athletic or gymnastics apparel. Fee: $215

Art Club with Ms. Clark (Grades 2-3)
Children will explore new techniques, learn to manipulate three- dimensional materials, and find rich ways of expression in a variety of art mediums. No Fee


Tuesday (3:30 - 4:30 p.m.)

Dates: 4/9, 4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, 5/21

Tool Time with The Schuesslers (Grades 2-3)
This class is only open for those students who have completed the previous 2018 Fall Tool Time section. Students will have fun building small projects in the woodworking shop. We teach the basic skills of measuring, sawing, drilling, sanding, finishing as well as the different ways of fastening wood together (glue, nails, screws).  Taught by Mr. & Mrs. Schuessler. Fee: $225

Ballet with Ballet Petite (NTK and Grade 1)
Ballet Petite is a wonderful and enriching dance and performing arts program. Each class is built upon developmental objectives based on the Royal Academy of Dance ballet curriculum. Ballet Petite creates an imaginative and culturally rich world through the use of movement, literature and classical music, handmade costumes and props, and pantomime to introduce students to dance technique and the performing arts. Students advance weekly with new ballet progressions, musicality, and creative expression while working to fine tune their motor skills in an enchanting setting. The classic fairytale and children's literature develop the children's performance and technical ability and their love of dance. Fee: $200

French with Madame Jacqueline (Grades 3-4)
Students can extend their skills in French through games, dialogues, and other activities. The emphasis is on learning through play, exploration, and the arts. Vocabulary will be reinforced as children have a chance to practice their French-speaking skills and also learn more about the Francophile world. No Fee 

Spanish with Señora O’Kon (Grades 3-4)
Students can extend their skills in Spanish through games, dialogues, and other activities. The emphasis is on learning through play, dance, exploration, and the arts. Vocabulary will be reinforced as children have a chance to practice their Spanish-speaking skills and also learn more about Spanish culture. No Fee


Wednesday (3:30- 4:30 p.m.)

Dates: 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22

FUN Science with Mrs. Elkassem (Transition-Grade 4)
Our Fun, Sticky, and Gooey Science Club where kids get dirty and tables get messy will give the students an opportunity to explore a variety of hands-on experiments. The students will make slime, lava lamps, Alka-Seltzer rockets, and experiment with different foaming, bubbling, and fizzing compounds while learning about physical and chemical change. Fee: $270 

Tool Time Advanced with The Schuesslers (Grade 3-4)
This class is only open for those students who have completed previous Advanced Tool Time sections. It will be hard to top the nutcrackers we made the last session, but challenging new projects are being planned. Fee: $225

Cheerleading with Active Play (Grades 2-5)
Cheerleading allows students to be part of a fun, hard-working group which focuses on building leadership and teamwork skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Practices focus on strength, endurance, coordination, and the flexibility of each cheerleader while developing strong bonds between students. Cheerleaders will learn cheers, acrobatics, and stunting skills throughout the term. Fee: $250

Soccer with PPA (Transition- Grade 2)
Join The Player Progression Academy for a PPA Soccer Class coached by professional coaches with an emphasis on athletic mobility, learning the technique & rules of the sport, and maximizing a fun experience through curriculum-based activities & games. Players focus on developing technical foundations for soccer and learn a passion for the sport. Fee: $200

Arabic I- Beginners with Ms. Shahnaz (Grades T-4)
WES offers Arabic as a second language after school for transition through sixth grade. This is a session for beginners, designed to provide support even for families with no Arabic in the home.  While the classes are meant to be fun for the students, the program will present a serious curriculum to maximize learning, including attention to vocabulary, speaking, the Arabic alphabet, and proper pronunciation. Consider giving your child an early entrée into one of the critical languages of the future to boost their brain development now and career chances later. Fee: $225 (includes all materials)

Art Club with Ms. Clark (Grades 4-6)
Children will explore new techniques, learn to manipulate three-dimensional materials, and find rich ways of expression in a variety of art mediums. No Fee

Thursday (3:30-4:30)

Dates: 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23

Japanese Karate (Kindergarten-Grade 5)
Sensei Takemori is a dedicated karate practitioner and instructor. He has studied with some of the best instructors in the world and has also won countless accolades. His karate classes not only focus on instruction, but also promote spirit, strength, and technique. Fee: $200

Kids Cooking Their Favorite Foods with Ms. Harding (Transition-Grade 4)
We will reflect on some of our favorite foods to come up with our cooking curriculum Ms. Harding (B.S.Nutrition & Dietetics) will help us learn to cook some yummy (and still somewhat healthy) versions of these favorites. Taste tests each week! Fee: $250

Chess Wizards (Kindergarten-Grade 5)
Chess Wizards is a premier chess education company providing fun, informative and challenging chess lessons to students. Chess Wizards teaches children many important life concepts, such as learning the ability to win graciously and accept defeat with dignity and sportsmanship. Students will be divided into groups according to their chess experience. At the end of this session, each student will have had the chance to participate in a mini-chess tournament. Fee: $150

Fencing with Active Play (Grades 2-5)
Calling all pirates, musketeers, and Jedi – fencing is coming to Janney! Fencing is a martial art (and an Olympic sport!) based on swordsmanship in which winning points are made through contact with an opponent. Children in the class will learn basic moves and participate in matches to develop their skills and explore this history-rich sport that combines athleticism and intellect. Like other martial arts, fencing is about personal accomplishment, creative problem-solving, and discipline. Fencers will apply their acquired skills and confidence to other sports, studies, and life. All equipment used in this class, including clothing, masks, and sabers, will be provided by the instructor. Fee: $250

Hip Hop and Jazz Dance Class with Active Play 
In Hip Hop Jazz students will learn basic moves in urban dance styles such as Hip-Hop, House, Locking, and Popping. Throughout the session, dancers will learn basic choreography and participate in creative freestyle group activities. This class is for students with no experience. Students are encouraged to participate in Winter and Spring sessions for the end-of-the-year show. Dancers will begin learning choreography during the Winter session. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their dance skills, build confidence, and perform for family and friends! Fee: $250


Friday (2:30-3:30)

Dates: 4/12, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17


Film/TV Acting Club with Ms. Todd (Grades 5-8)
Each student will have a tailored coaching experience in every class. Kate takes great care in choosing scenes and navigating each student’s artistic journey on an individual basis to ensure enthusiastic engagement, confidence and authentic performance progression at every stage.

  • How to Breakdown a Script. Students are given scripts and taught how to interpret them and approach their characters. The length of time spent on one script is dependent upon the level of authentic performance, memorization, and experience of an actor. Ideally, the student is given new material to work on each week.
  • Emotional Exercises. Students will be guided through exercises that help them to explore their emotional life. This helps actors to experience each primal emotion on a molecular level. 
  • Relaxation and Poise in front of the Camera. Kate teaches classes with a strong focus on relaxation in front of the camera. Each class has particular attention on this aspect of performance through relaxation techniques and performance warmups. 
  • Personal Mentorship. Kate offers over 17 years of experience of life in the business to help students overcome any challenges, concerns or adversity. 
  • Fun and Interactive Exploring Environment. Students connect with peers during their time in class. They create lasting friendships with like-minded individuals.Discussions and lectures at the beginning of the classes take shape from Kate's own experiences in the industry. This ‘food for thought’ lecture is meant to inspire, teach and provoke class discussion. 
    **Classes begin on April 26th** Fee: $125 

Tru2Form Basketball (Grade K-8)
Tru2form Hoops provides a fun, dynamic after-school basketball program designed to teach kids the fundamentals of the game. We use a variety of drills and games to reinforce dribbling, proper shooting technique, footwork, and overall knowledge of the game. We emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play. Come join us for an action-packed basketball program that will help build skill and confidence! Fee: $145

Floor Hockey with Active Play (Grades 1-3)
Dribble, pass, shoot and score this fall with ActivePlay! Students will test their hockey skills as they compete against each other in various games and drills. This class is a fun, high energy, and high endurance activity.  Sign up to see if your kid has what it takes to be a Stanley Cup Champion. Fee: $180

Self Defense with Ascend Martial Arts (Grades 1-3)
Join Ascend Martial Arts at WES for five Fridays of Kids Self Defense. The 5-week session will cover three fundamental aspects of self-defense.  

  1. Students will learn to fall properly, which a critical life skill. Once your child learns how to fall his or hers of injury will significantly decrease for the rest of their life.
  2. Students will learn to wrestle opponents to the ground. Wrestling takedowns are a safe way to defend yourself without the need for striking. 
  3. Students will learn to control an opponent on the ground, which will teach students to safely defuse conflict without punching or kicking. 

Fee: $180


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