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Year 1: 2018-2019 School Year

We encourage you to visit this page to learn of WES's progress in implementing this strategic plan.

Winter & Spring 2019

  • Developed a comprehensive Maintenance Plan that goes through 2030. 

  • Worked has begun on creating the new STEM space which will accommodate STEM classes, labs, special projects, and guest speakers. The new STEM space will be built in the existing footprint of our building—the first-floor space behind the auxiliary gymnasium which is currently used for storage. The space will include movable tables and chairs to accommodate the multipurpose needs of an innovative learning environment with numerous outlets and windows, water access, technologies, and video screens that can support and inspire a variety of STEM-related work. The STEM space will open in the winter of 2020

  • Conducted an external review of more than 15 area schools to create benchmarks in the areas of faculty and staff compensation and benefits packages; leadership structure; and opportunities for recognition. Additionally, the committee collected feedback from current faculty and staff through an anonymous survey. This summer and fall the committee will use this data to create a more transparent and competitive compensation structure, develop more formalized leadership opportunities, and propose funding sources for increased compensation.

  • Performed a formal review of the school's student support services. A committee led by CEO Jane Snider of Heads-Up Consultants audited and assessed the admission process, faculty proficiency, current student body, professional development, and staffing in this area. Over the summer, the committee will review the recommendations provided by Heads-Up Consulting to more effectively deliver optimal support systems. 

  • Created a summary of WES’s beliefs and core practices in math for the Math Curriculum Review. The team also created a timeline to unpack standards; develop the pacing of each unit; and identify and collect the resources to best support the grade-level learning objectives. In the fall, the team will pilot a few programs to see which one is the most effective and will fully launch the updated curriculum in the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Completed the Association of Independent Maryland & DC Schools (AIMS) accreditation self-study. The self-study is comprised of 24 different parts and coveres a range of important topics including WES’s curriculum, school climate, and sustainability. This final self-study will be submitted to AIMS in July. 

Fall 2018

  • Hosted Caroline Blackwell, NAIS Vice President for Equity and Justice, to facilitate training for all faculty and staff on interrupting bias in the classroom

  • Initiated the revision of the academic and social-emotional support models

  • Employed math consultant, Dr. Sandy Atkins, to facilitate three days of math lab sites, discussions, and training

  • Scheduled literacy consultant, Mollie Cura, to visit the Elementary and Middle School grades for two days to work with teachers on deepening their understanding of best practices in reading and writing instruction

  • Finalized plans for replacing all HVAC units on Building A during winter 2018

  • Initiated conversations with three architectural firms around the master lease space

Summer 2018

  • Hired and began to integrate new counselor and learning specialist roles

  • Developed new and more comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Curriculum that addressed the following topics and themes: Kindness and Empathy; Conflict Resolution; Anti-Bullying; Privacy; Healthy Friendships; Diversity and Justice; Self-Esteem; Self-Advocacy; and Understanding and Managing Emotions. 

  • Developed new Middle School Advisory Curriculum

  • Commenced Math Curriculum Review work

  • Met with Howard University School of Education to initiate partnership which would lead to WES hosting Howard student teachers

  • Commissioned Diversity Direction Consulting to work with the Administrative Team on Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

  • Renovated the main playground

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