The Impact of Social Emotional Learning

I walked into a Grade 5 class recently, and students were learning about the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, and the hippocampus. No, it wasn’t Science, as you may have assumed. It was a Wellness class led by our new Elementary and Middle School Counselor Meghan Keller, and the students were learning about how these parts […]

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Celebrating Our Identities

We all got our hands a little dirty yesterday, as we came together to celebrate Unity Day’s message of kindness, inclusivity, and belonging. Tying into this year’s theme of “growing together,” our Dragons planted more than 300 hyacinth, crocus, tete-a-tete narcissus, and daffodil bulbs around the campus. Our students also painted kindness rocks for a […]

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The Meaning Behind Inquiry

Our Kindergarten students blew me away this week. I had the pleasure of joining a class in our new science lab. Our Dragons learned about the scientific method and then applied the process to a magnetism experiment. Our Dragons learned the basics of this fundamental process:  They ask a question. They make an educated guess, […]

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The Power Behind Professional Development

We have our first professional development day of the school year this Friday, which is why there will be a noon dismissal. We are a community of learners, students and teachers alike. Professional development helps us improve our craft, utilize best practices, and grow professionally.  Here are the topics we will be addressing in this […]

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My sons came home excited (and a bit tired) this week, energized by the return to a more “normal” school day, with afternoons filled with sports practice, study hall, and clubs.  As we finish the second full week of school, it feels good to be settling into slightly revised versions of our pre-pandemic routines. Our […]

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The Importance of Social Emotional Learning During a Pandemic

As we enter into the third school year that has been impacted by the pandemic, the mental wellbeing of our Dragons continues to be of the highest importance to us. Social-emotional learning (SEL) has always been a critical part of the WES curriculum, as it provides the foundation for helping our students become kind, confident, […]

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