Art as a Personal Journey

I walked into our newly expanded ceramics studio today and noticed that the shelves were lined with a flower pot that looks like a penguin, a mug etched with a floral design, vases, bowls, and so much more. Our Grade 8 students are about to complete their ceramics unit on functional art, where they explore […]

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The Power of Collaboration

We will be transported to the Polynesian Islands this weekend, as our Grade 6 students sing and dance their way through two smashing productions of Moana Jr.  The Grade 6 Musical is always a highlight of our students’ Middle School experience–we often hear that, for some, it’s their favorite memory from WES.  A few weeks […]

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Of Grit, Grace, and Competition

As the weather begins to warm and buds begin to sprout on campus, spring also carries the promise of new sports! Our lacrosse and track and field teams have begun training to get ready for the spring season.  Many of our Dragons will be learning something entirely new–they may not have ever tried the long […]

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Math, Computational Thinking, and Spy School

I was feeling vaguely uncomfortable earlier this week, as if I was being watched. As I looked up from my Zoom meeting, I noticed a small robot in the corner of my office. It approached me, bearing a message reading, “Hello, You probably don’t know who this is, but don’t worry we are watching you! […]

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The Power of Our Parent Community

This weekend will be our first Maui Wowi food truck event, generously hosted by the WES Parents Association. No matter the weather, the PA never fails to come up with fun ideas and events that bring us together.  It is wonderful how our parents partner with us in so many ways to enrich our school […]

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Asking Important Questions

At WES, our goal is to ensure our students do more than just acquire knowledge: They should build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and learn how to ask important questions. Our Middle School Robotics team is doing just that right now, as they enter the Maryland State Qualifier for the First Lego League competition this weekend. […]

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