Our Exceptional Faculty

As we delve into the second semester, I want to pause and take a moment to reflect on our exceptional teachers. Our teachers are at the heart of what we do, and they are masters at building connections with their students and unlocking their potential.  Research shows that things like motivation, attention, and creativity increase […]

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Off to Wintry Adventures, We Go!

I walked into one of our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms this week only to be immediately surrounded by a bunny, a scientist, a polar bear, and a fox. Our Early Childhood teachers have been busy taking advantage of our wintry weather to immerse the students in units about the seasons, Arctic life, penguins, and hibernation cycles.  One […]

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Relishing the Opportunity to Talk about our Students

Next week begins one of the most exciting parts of the year for me–it’s when Middle School Director Kristin Cuddihy and I meet with the secondary school leadership teams to present our candidates for admission to their high schools. Over the course of the next two months, we will visit roughly 15-20 independent schools and […]

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Nonna’s Gnocchi

Growing up, I would spend every Christmas Eve with the Italian side of my family. We would get together for what is called The Feast of the Seven Fishes. This is an Italian-American tradition of having a large meal to celebrate this special holiday. The meal is meatless because in the Catholic tradition, many families […]

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Hands-On Learning in Middle School Math

I was visiting the Middle School Commons this week, and the walls were lined with fairly sophisticated cartoon drawings. However, this work was not the product of art class, but rather geometry! Our Middle School math teachers are masters at bringing math to life through incorporating hands-on learning techniques. The cartoon drawings were part of […]

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Engaging In Immersion-Based Learning

I’m writing to you on Wednesday night from a rather unusual location this week – Port Isobel Island in the Chesapeake Bay! We have just returned from stargazing after a night hike through a bamboo forest. Our Grade 8 students venture to this area of the Chesapeake Bay every year to learn about its rapidly […]

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