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Top 5 Reasons Not to Miss Grandparents/Special Friends Day

Grandparents & Special Friends Day (GSFD) is Tuesday, November 22, from 9:15 a.m. to noon! One of my favorite days of the year, WES typically welcomes hundreds of guests on our campus for classroom visits and a very special Chapel. Here are a few reasons why we hope to see all of our special friends […]

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Deja-a-boo: 10 Eerie-sistible Costumes Over the Years

At WES, we seek to create a joyful learning environment that celebrates all of the magic of childhood. Halloween is just one of many opportunities for children to express their creativity and have some good old-fashioned fun.  Our Middle School students kicked off the week with a pumpkin decorating contest, bringing to life gourd versions […]

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The Intersection of Community and Learning

In 2008, Madieu Williams P ’27 P ’28 founded a school in his birth country of Sierra Leone. Madieu visited Grade 2 on Friday to introduce the children to this special school, as the students prepare to become Pen/Zoom Pals with their counterparts in Africa.  The Abigail D. Butscher Primary School, located in Calaba Town, […]

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Building Self-Confidence and Pride

I watched as the Kindergarteners listened to Meharriew ’25 with rapt attention, as he shared about his great-grandfather who lived in Ethiopia and how his choices and actions would influence his parents’ lives and then ultimately his.  The presentation was part of a timeline Meharriew created for his Origins of our Humanity: Ancient Worlds class, […]

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The Power of Serving Together

In yesterday’s Chapel, Chaplain Kristen reminded us that it is our duty to spread God’s compassion throughout the world. Compassion, the act of helping those who are hurting, is the virtue we are focusing on this month. On Friday, October 14, from 6-7:30 p.m., we will host our ServiceFest in the Deighton Alleyne Gymnasium to […]

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Planning for a Bright Future

WES is like…. a rocket ship, a bird’s nest, a bakery. Or perhaps it’s a dance party in front of a pyramid, in which all of the attendees climb that pyramid, transform into a bird, and then fly away. These are just a few of the metaphors the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) generated last Friday […]

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