Don’t be Bashful

Advice from an Admission Director

We recently hosted an informational coffee with the President of CriLu Educational Services Rosalia Miller for families interested in learning about the admission process to independent schools. She gave a key piece of advice that I would like to pass onto the readers of this blog. She said “The school that you are most interested in – tell them that it is your top choice.”

It seems like such easy and obvious advice but often we regularly learn that families are worried it will make them seem desperate or will somehow turn the school off. This could not be further from the truth. Schools do not want their accepted families to consider it as a ‘Plan B.’ This information will give the school confidence that you will accept their offer of admission.

If you have found a school you love, send a thank you letter after your visit and let them know that it is your top choice. List the reasons why and what those assets mean to you and your child. The admission office will take notice of these comments and include it in their evaluation of your application. It may be a key decision factor between your child getting a seat versus another child.