Our Faculty

Ali Bratun

Assistant Director of Development


At WES Since: 2007

Why did you choose to work at WES?
After volunteering on the Auction, Book Fair, and other events and projects at WES, the Development Office said, “Give her a desk!” So that began my nearly 15-year tenure at WES. Making friends through volunteering on both sides of the equation and taking photos of the precious WES Dragons has sparked joy and warmed my heart for years.

I support the fundraising, communications, and community-building needs of the school. I am the editor-in-chief of The WES Magazine, and if you visit campus, you will likely find me with a camera in my hand, capturing the cherished experiences, big or small, of our Dragons every day. I love to make things beautiful, whether it’s creating a card or invitation, decorating campus, or designing an event. I also keep our community in stylish swag as the manager of the Dragon’s Den. I speak fluent emoji, as I keep track of our alumni and my two daughters, who graduated from WES in 2009 and 2010.