Our Faculty

Emma Garry

Grade 4 Teacher

At WES Since: 2023

What is your teaching philosophy?
As a teacher, I am learning as much as my students are. We may not be learning the same content, but our roles in the classroom and school community are that of learners. To be the best teacher for my students, I must learn who they are, how to engage them, where I can best support them, and so forth. By being aware that I am a member of our learning community, I can be an empathetic and flexible teacher who will talk with their students and not at them.

Why did you choose to work at WES?
I fell in love with WES over my student teaching semester in the spring of 2023. I would wake up each morning excited to be in the classroom and surrounded by a community which I felt I could learn so much from. Everyone was extremely supportive and helpful: anytime I had a question or got lost in the building, I knew I could ask the next person who walked by. If I needed lesson planning advice or someone to bounce ideas off of, I felt comfortable enough to walk into any classroom and get the teacher’s opinion. Leaving on my last day was incredibly difficult but I was determined to eventually find my way back, and I’m ecstatic to officially join the WES faculty!

I am a recent graduate of American University, having received my B.A. in Elementary Education in May 2023. I spent the spring of my senior year student teaching at WES in Grade 3, where the students referred to me as Ms. Garry, but having gotten married over the summer, I am returning as Mrs. Garry! I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with my parents and two sisters. I have a passion for sports, having played and coached throughout my life (my favorites are lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball). Whether I’m accidentally burning myself in the kitchen or covered in hot glue, I love to be creative and try new things. I am honored to start my teaching career at WES!