Our Faculty

Jody Henderson

ES/MS Band Teacher


At WES Since: 2023

What is your teaching philosophy?
I am motivated everyday to provide students exciting and successful access to performing music. This leads to opportunities for students to realize the value of listening, and the value in applying one’s attention to extended ideas. These are some of a music teacher’s greatest responsibilities.

If you could talk to anyone, who would it be?
If I could meet anyone from anytime, it would be my wife’s parents, who she lost at a young age.Bio:
As my wife and I became married and started a family, she encouraged me to start college to pursue my passion. After slowly achieving a music degree and teaching credentials at Southern Oregon University, my first teaching interview led to becoming part of a wonderful Middle and High School in Sisters, Oregon. When our children headed to college in the northeast, my wife and I were fortunate to be invited to the faculty at Woodstock Middle and High School, in Vermont. Now that our adult children are scattered up and down the east coast, we have established a centrally located home here in DC, where I am very excited to be a part of what is happening at Washington Episcopal.