Our Faculty

Ms. Katie Hopper

Middle School English Teacher

At WES since 2011

What excites you about teaching Middle School language arts?
Middle School students are struggling to form their identities amidst a complex, fast-moving world. Surrounding them with literature gives them the opportunity to listen to other voices confronting the same struggles within the safety of a well-crafted story. Giving students the tools for examining and questioning text allows them to expand their thinking and to make intelligent decisions. Teaching them how to write gives students the opportunity to develop and share their own voice. To be a part of this process is priceless.

How has teaching language arts changed with the advances in digital media and digital tools like google docs?
Has it really changed? Students still use language to express, to expand, to organize, to craft, and to share their ideas. Technology gives them new formats within which to do this. Perhaps, what has changed is access. Students have greater and speedier access to all manner of text. Likewise, students can share their own products with a far greater audience, giving them more expansive audiences. Finally, students have more options for exploring text and for crafting their own “writing.”