Our Faculty

Emma Cowan

Elementary Art Teacher


At WES Since: 2022

Why did you become a teacher?
I love teaching art because this special subject has the ability to boost a kid’s confidence. I like showing my students that there are many, many ways to be an artist.

What excites you about teaching elementary art?
It makes my heart grow to work with a bunch of fearless artists. Children this age live in the moment and can enjoy the process of artmaking as much as the final product. It’s a magical time in a kid’s art career, and I’m excited to be a part of it!

I’m an alumna of Pratt Institute, where I received my bachelors’ in Fine Arts and my master’s in Art and Design Education. For the last several years, I’ve taught art in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and now Bethesda. I also enjoy teaching art so much that I began my own summer camp where I run week-long art programs throughout the summer with children ages 6-16 years old. Outside of work, I continue to enjoy art with oil and acrylic painting! I’ve also begun my journey with olympic weight lifting and I’m excited to participate in competitions in the future.